Thanks for 'stopping by!'  I'm Chantell - blessed to be a mom of four (five if you include the Rottie-child) and "Memee" to ten...yeah I know, it's still hard for me to believe as well!  I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember - a Polaroid in 1st grade to be exact. I was nervous, yet excited when I took the leap in 2013, combining my love of photography with business and Stills that Speak Photography was born. Hmmm...what else about me? I firmly believe that our best 'teachers' in life are the wiser generations before us & little ones. They have a wealth of information (if we take the time to listen) that can't be found via a google search.  'Taking a moment' is most likely the cheapest therapy around.  If you find that you're too busy to look up in awe at a star filled sky...delight in the laughter of a baby...ride with the windows down, singing loud and proud your favorite tunes...or make dandelion wishes - you're simply TOO busy.  Please take time to LIVE life ~ you are so worth it!!

Now, on to the business 'about me.' I am an on-location family photographer located in Stafford, Virginia specializing in Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn, & Milestone Photography Sessions.  On location meaning I bring the 'studio' to you.  This can be your home or one of the many scenic & historic outdoor locales we are blessed with in the central and northern Virginia areas.

I never cease to be humbled by your trust.  You have my word, that you will always treated as an individual whether on the other end of the text, email, phone or camera.  Allow me a few moments to get to know you - share with me what you are looking for in your family portraits - what is important to you - to your family. Then let's have some fun & make beautiful pictures together!

Some see a weed...Some see a weed...