Your mother was right - First impressions...matter!

With all the expenditures involved in selling your home you might ask yourself 'Why should I add to that total by paying a professional to photograph it?' Why? Simply put - our moms were right (shhhh, don't tell them)...first impressions DO matter. Skeptical?  I can understand that. Do me a favor and pull up a few listings...because sometimes it requires seeing to believe. Take a moment to compare the photos. Which of them catch your eye leading you to the listing. On the flip side which ones do you pass over simply because the photos weren't enough to spark your interest?  Sure, we all have great cell phones ready at our fingertips and they take ok photos.  When all is said and done which would you prefer, an 'ok' offer on your home or your asking price?  So maybe the real question is, what value do you place on getting what your home is worth?  

Statistics don't lie:

  • The Wall Street Journal quoted houses selling between $900 and $16,000 more than those not professionally photographed.
  • How does 61% higher online views sound? That's exactly what Redfin stated when compared to listings not professionally photographed.  But wait there's more.  Redfin also states a 3 week faster sale on homes in the $400,000 market versus the listings not professionally photographed.
  • It's said that roughly 95% of buyers start their search online.  Once there you have approximately 20 seconds to peak their interest before they move on.

Simply put, it wouldn't cross your mind to use a 'selfie' in lieu of a professional headshot for that dream job. Don't cut corners with the investment of your home.  Hire a professional.  

That all being said, let's talk...because first impressions really do matter.